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Andrew CHRISTINE is an artist born in Luxembourg (europe) in  1984.

At his very young age, he was already fascinated by the artistic world, whether it was drawing, music, comedy or dancing.

In fact, he started to play piano when he was 10 years old and at the age of 15, he left it behind because he fell for Dance. A few years later, he began his career as a dance teacher and was giving classes in several schools.

Always eager to learn more and more, 2015 is the year where he decided to jump into the universe of Photography.

In 2017, Andrew was selected for the "GENERATION ART by RTL - Photography Edition" and made his way to the TOP 10.

The same year, he made his 1st Exhibition about New York City.

In 2020, he started his own Company "Food Frame" as Co-Owner. 

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